Civil Construction

Stranco LLC is a general contractor holding contractor licenses in both Louisiana and Mississippi. Stranco is also a member of the Association of General Contractors. We are a knowledgeable municipal and public works contractor with experience in the successful completion of numerous civil construction projects.

Stranco LLC continues to offer superior civil construction services at competitive rates. Our exceptional project managers and highly skilled construction crews continuously strive to stay within the contractual budget and maintain a strict timeline saving our clients time and money. Because of this our expertise in civil construction services is widely respected among many municipalities.

If you have been anywhere is South Louisiana, you have probably seen some of Stranco LLC’s work. Maybe you have driven on a road that we constructed or a road that we repaired. However, our civil construction services are not limited to roads or to South Louisiana but can be any civil construction service anywhere in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Some of Stranco LLC’s civil construction services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mass excavation
  • Site development / utility installation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Structure and foundation demolition
  • Road and highway construction
  • Road and bridge repair
  • Drainage
  • Dredging

If you have need for any of these services or would like more information concerning these services and how Stranco, LLC can help you with your civil construction project, please contact Tim Mann, General Manager at 985-893-5308 for more details on how Stranco’s civil construction services can help you.