Contaminated Soil Excavation

The Stranco team will provide the customer with a cost-efficient technical approach, and the equipment and other resources necessary to implement the following and other services. Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, sediment removal and treatment surface impoundment closures, waste removal / transportation and disposal, sludge and soil stabilization / solidification, pH adjustment and desiccation, sludge volume reduction / dewatering, civil construction, land clearing / grubbing and site preparations, geo-construction, caps, liners and covers, contaminated soil and sludge treatment and hazardous materials and hazardous waste transportation services. Stranco can also provide residential soil removal.

Stranco works with the client to develop cost effective means to treat contaminated soil and sludge to minimize current and future costs, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Stranco continues to monitor, develop, and perfect new and innovative technical approaches in the treatment of these materials to ensure the client of a best value for its needs and requirements.

Additionally, Stranco provides landfill closures. Such services include construction of RCRA landfill caps, synthetic liner systems, clay-liner systems, leachate collection systems, soil-layer covers, and other remediation and closure services.

Regulations regarding waste minimization and bans on land disposal of liquids and hazardous wastes have placed increased restrictions on sludge and semi-solid waste handling. In addition, disposal costs for incineration and other disposal alternatives have increased astronomically. Stranco provides its customers mobile dewatering and processing services as a solution to sludge and wastewater disposal problems. Stranco utilizes belt and filter (recessed chamber) presses and two- and three- stage centrifuges, that can be set up on site and produce up to a four to one reduction in sludge volume as well as a significant reduction in the weight of the waste material to be disposed.