Roll Off Service

With an extensive fleet of roll off equipment, Stranco LLC is able to offer its customers effective and efficient roll-off service at competitive rates.

Stranco LLC has 25 yd and 30 yd roll-off containers available for all of your roll-off service needs. The following are some of the roll-off containers and their uses:

  • Metal Roll Off Containers With Sliding Lid – These roll off boxes are essential for safely transporting hazardous and non-hazardous sludge or other semi-solid materials. These roll off service boxes ensure that no liquid is sloshed out in the transportation phase of sludge disposal.
  • Roll Tarp Roll Off Containers – Roll tarp boxes are not only perfect for contaminated soil transportation services but also for filter cake and other hazardous or non-hazardous solid waste. The roll tarp adds protection by confining the solid waste to the parameters of the roll-off box while being transported or otherwise. Transportation of asbestos both friable and non-friable can be done easily and effectively using our roll tarp roll-off boxes.
  • Open Top Roll-Off Containers – Stranco’s open top roll-off boxes are great for your construction and/or demolition debris. They are also used for household debris and garbage. Of all Stranco&rsquo’s roll off services, the open top roll-off boxes have been the most widely used of all containers. These boxes have been essential in the transportation and disposal of hurricane debris and house demolition following Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Gustav, just to name a few.
  • Offshore Containers with Pad Eyes – Stranco offers offshore box rentals for efficiency with transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. With this roll off service, you can transport materials from offshore to land without changing containers. These containers are able to be lifted and moved.

All of Stranco’s roll off boxes are well-maintained and clean. They are used by governmental agencies; commercial customers and residential customers. Our boxes are transported to their destinations by Stranco’s highly skilled drivers ensuring professional service by Stranco LLC.

If you are in need of roll off service or would like more information regarding our roll off service, please call one of our transportation managers/dispatchers listed below:

John Mickey985-966-3389  |  1-800-940-5308

Robert Jacks225-335-3228  |  1-800-940-5308

Wayne Stephens225-806-8045  |  1-800-940-5308

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